Working 9 to 5? Well, Not Anymore!

Technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? And this has revolutionized the way we do almost everything in life. This includes the way we work. Traditional working hours no longer apply to the 21st century and this is becoming more evident by the day. Globalization has certainly played a significant part in the whole process of transforming contemporary employment into something so, so different to what society has been accustomed to.

And speaking of transformations in the working environment, remote work has become a trend. In fact, a trend of ongoing upward trajectory that does not seem to stop any time soon. There are tons of reasons that have led to this phenomenon, of course – it did not happen overnight. How have we come to this?

  • Well, the market has turned global. This means that businesses do not just depend on human resources from within their reach. They can reach out to the entire world and find the best match for their desired skillset.
  • It is getting clearer and clearer that the standard office does not function that great. I mean, there are higher expenses when it comes to maintaining a workspace that is not indeed necessary. Property rental, office equipment, utility bills and so much more adds to … what? On the contrary, maintaining a remote team of experts cuts these expenses to a great extent.
  • Commuting has never been harder. Traffic jams, crowded metro stations and wasted time, going from one place to the next even without having had your morning coffee. Doesn’t that sound cruel? Imagine that this is the situation for so many professionals out there, spending an hour or even two commuting on a daily basis.
  • Flexibility is key, nowadays. A set timetable is not the right way to go, when it comes to work schedule. Sometimes work only applies in the morning or during the weekend. Plus, it is always morning somewhere in the world and you cannot expect to get a worldwide audience, working according to your own time zone.

There are platforms that gather all the talents from freelancers, professionals who are able to work remotely for businesses in their niche. Demonstrating a portfolio, building up a specialized CV and of course boosting your knowledge through ongoing education, seminars and catching up on cutting-edge technology are great tools for freelancers. And the world has already started appreciating the benefits of such lifestyle. In fact, there are sworn “enemies” to the traditional 9 to 5 workflow. Digital nomads is a thing! People devoted to traveling the world, working as they go and enjoying the beauties around them…rather than being confined within the narrow boundaries of an office.

Perhaps the most popular platform in the world is Upwork (I am in there, too!). Others include Freelancer and PeoplePerHour, Workana and many many more. Just take some time and finetune your CV. Don’t fall for the trap of undercharging your value and never sit still…Always improve your skills, so that you can cash it out in your bids.

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