Sikinos Is The First Greek Island To Go Plastic Straw-Free

The Earth is at stake, nobody can argue with that fact. So we all need to be environmentally conscious. Contemporary society is surrounded by threats against the planet and something needs to be done ASAP – like yesterday. There are many who claim that it is already too late for the environment. But on the bright side, most people are not ready to give up just yet! And this is the main concept, behind initiatives such as the one fueled on Sikinos island in Greece. As of this day, Sikinos is going to be the first Greek plastic straw free island in the country. More will follow, we would like to believe!

Sikinos Turns Its Back To Plastic

At first glance, a world that is free of plastic might appear to be impossible. But still, there are quite a few alternatives to use. When it comes to straws, there is no reason why a cafe or any household should not use 100% biodegradable straws. In fact, there are some businesses that already prompt people to get their own straws for multiple uses. In return, they receive a discount. Along with the monetary profit, the impact on the environment is significantly lower. Carbon footprint is improved almost immediately, which means the environment takes a deep breath of fresh air.

Sikinos is a mesmeric island, part of the Cyclades and a small hidden gem of the Aegean Sea. It boasts whitewashed buildings and dramatic views from the cliffs, warm hospitable locals and absolute serenity all around. The island is now becoming a true pioneer and the islanders show the rest of the world that they care about the environment. And they are the most eloquent proof that all people should focus on what is beneficial to the environment and act according to that.

How about visiting the inviting, picture-perfect beaches of Sikinos and delving in the views of the majestic landscapes? Whatever you do, do not forget to avoid polluting and empowering the movement set in motion by the “Sea Change”. More islands are set to follow the example of Sikinos quite soon, in Greece and the world, able to raise awareness as to climate change and the pollution of the planet. Well done, Sikinos!

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