Rewarding Recycling Raises More Awareness by the Day

There is no other matter of greater importance than saving the planet from mistakes that have been lingering on for ages. As many scientists have stressed over the years, the environment is in danger and there is no time to waste. Which brings the question: “What can be done about waste?”, as garbage has been littering the planet and causing severe problems. On the bright side, there are initiatives taken by the Governments of almost all countries in the world; such initiatives aim at reducing the harm done and perhaps educating newer generations as to how to treat the planet. After all, we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

In the light of such severe threats to the world, recycling is a necessity – rather than a choice. And in Greece, Rewarding Recycling has shown that a lot can be done, when there is will. Given the strategic position of Greece in the Mediterranean, with heavy pollution threatening to mess with the idyllic surroundings and with the very existence of such magnificent lands and seas, every attempt to face the disaster is welcome.

What does Rewarding Recycling stand for? “REWARDING RECYCLING has been approved as an agency of a national scope for the organization, development and operation of the Collective Alternative Management and Recycling System of Packaging and Waste, based on decision no. 193471/31.12.2008 by the Environment Minister.” It is an approved System by the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. A national collective system of rewarding packaging recycling.

So in practice, every individual can collect packages from glass, plastic, aluminum and paper. After that, they can head to one of the lovely “Houses of Separate Recycling” and place the packages that they have gathered. In return, the system will reward the individual with discounts from partnered super markets and stores. Alternatively, the citizens that have proceeded with recycling may donate their earnings to several non-profit organizations in Greece.

Success lies behind the acknowledgement that incentives empower the will of citizens, motivating them to go ahead with recycling. As a result, each citizen not only satisfies his need to serve to the wider good of the community; at the same time, he receives an award that he cay use to benefit from -small, but still- applicable monetary profit. Or of course, he can use it to benefit other organizations that are in great need of funding. It is definitely a “win-win” situation!

As for the impact of such an initiative, it is huge! The most recent proof of the “tsunami” awakened by Rewarding Recycling is none other than the World Guinness Record the company has received. Most plastic bottles recycled in one week! And their number: 54,275 kg of plastic packages from 05.30.2019 to 06.06.2019! Well done!!!

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