LinkedIn: More Than Just Another Social Media Channel

Are you interested in growing your business and engaging in high quality networking? Then LinkedIn is just what you need!

Despite what many people might think. LinkedIn is a reliable social media channel that focuses on business. Although Facebook is the true giant of social media, there is no evidence proving that businesses benefit from its power and traffic. This is simply put a platform that allows people to get together and possibly learn more about products and services online. But when it comes to B2B, then LinkedIn is king. In fact, it is the largest B2B social platform on the web.


Some of the most impressive statistics about LinkedIn are the following:

  • 500 million users have joined LinkedIn so far
  • 2 professionals join LinkedIn EVERY SECOND
  • 94% of B2B marketers turn to LinkedIn to publish content
  • There are over 260 million active monthly users on LinkedIn
  • From those 260 million users, 61 million senior level influencers are found on the platform
  • 50% of all social traffic comes from LinkedIn (without special niches etc like Twitter and newsfeeds, the whole pie of traffic)

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