Interview with Patrick Usifo

Civil Engineer, Author, Evangelist, Mentor…How would you describe yourself?

That is a difficult question. But I feel more attached to being called an evangelist, especially when I am addressed in the simplest term. I would like to be identified as one close to humanity.

How many years have you lived in Greece? Do you find relocating hard or is Greece friendly to live in?

I have been here for a while upwards of 18 years, Greece is a beloved country with wonderful and very friendly people full of life and new experiences. The Greeks are unique. Relocation is not the problem as far as I am concerned.

You have been involved in a lot of charity work. Why? What is your drive towards contributing to the greater good?

Like I told you earlier, I love humanity with a passion. I would like to contribute my greater good to uplifting mankind to a new level, putting smile on faces and doing whatsoever is necessary to achieve this end. In fact I am more driven by love to the helpless and hurting than anything else.

What part has the financial crisis in Greece played in your professional life? Did you become more sensitive and driven to support those in need more?

The crisis was an eye opener to me. It brought me face to face with the heart of suffering in the midst of abundance. The economic crisis has assisted in contributing to the shaping of my desire to reach out in helping to solve some of the problems in the society. The crisis brought new opportunities and responsibilities with it.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

My inspiration in doing what I am involved, comes from the living God whom I have believed. My Christian faith has a lot to do with the source of my inspiration.

What made you become a writer? Is it the need to express yourself or the will to leave a legacy or maybe influence others to see things differently?

My decision was based on what legacy I would leave behind or be remember for. In my heart I felt I had something to give in the service of mankind. I had this feeling that it is better to give others knowledge than material riches. I want to be remembered for my books and words. It has nothing to do with expressing myself.

You seem like a man who never ceases to want more and more from his life. So what are your goals for the future?

My goals are to reach the mountain top of services to humanity through the power granted me of my God. I have benefitted from the hospitality of the Greeks, so what a better way to continue into the unknown future.

What do you think the biggest problem of modern society is and how would you advise people?

The biggest problem of our modern society has its roots in the distortion of our core values. Such as moral, ethical and spiritual pedestals. Also we have reduced humanity to numbers, and to have and have nots. This is reflected in the disparity between the rich and the poor. People tends to quantify things in terms of the abundance of liquidity. I would rather advice people to come down from their horse and do whatsoever they can to better our society without conditions.

Do you study a lot? Do you find life-long learning a key element for a vibrant mind?

Oh yes, I love to read to keep my mind in shape. I call reading as mind gymnastics. Having an idle mind is so dangerous. So reading long hours in the night is one of my keen activities.

Would you share with us a quote from your upcoming book?

Your victory and success in life depend on the knowledge of your identity. Your personal identity differs from ideas and suggestions you may have received from your family. Neither can tradition and secular humanism define you. Your purpose in life does not depend on your name, place of birth, your gender, race and so on. We study and we work because we aspire to achieve success in life. However, that is not who you are, that is what you do. It is God that defined you

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