First Underwater Archaeological Site for Greece in Alonnisos

The European Union’s BlueMed project has focused its attention to the Greek underwater treasures and more specifically the region covering Alonnisos and the islets nearby. The Alonnisos submarine museum project is going to initiate a new form of tourism in the country, bringing attention to what lies beneath the surface. And given the fact that Greek civilization has survived through the centuries, it is only fair that underwater lie a lot of treasures, waiting to be revealed. In Thessaly, this ambitious project has begun its implementation, in a scheme that is new for Greece and the world. A scheme that is about to blend the past and the present, revealing long kept secrets to the public.

alonissos submarine museum project
Source: TravelZone

In the region of Alonnisos National Marine Park, there is one of the most significant shipwrecks in the country. Its name is Persitera shipwreck and scientists place it back to the Classical Era and the 5th century BC. Among the findings, there are more than 3,000 amphorae from the Athenians. After all, Athens was the commercial hub of the country back then. After the completion of the project, people will have the opportunity to admire the talent of craftsmen from thousands of years ago.

alonissos submarine museum project
Source: TravelZone

Besides Peristera shipwreck, visitors will be able to enjoy a tour to the Byzantine wreck on Kikinthos islet, the shipwreck at Akra Glaros from Byzantine era and the wreck at Telegraphos from the 4th century AD. Everyone will dive at about 40 meters below sea level, in order to take part in this extraordinary experience. But of course, specialized divers and archaeologists will be there right by their side to ensure the most satisfying experience in absolute safety. Or else, visitors may opt for virtual tours of the wider area. Finally, there is the option of sailing on board a glass-bottomed boat to watch all those thrilling findings.

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