Cyclefi: Making Recycling Orange!

“Get the bags, activate the code, earn the discounts”. Does that sound complicated? I don’t think so! Now in Greece, the Orange Revolution has started!

Having won in 2016 at the Social Impact Award, the enthusiastic team of Cyclefi has managed to implement their ideas and turn recycling into a game. Greece has unfortunately been one of the last countries to raise awareness in a green environment. So recycling has not turned into a norm for the majority of people, since there are also issues with the proper equipment and the facilities to recycle and take advantage of the true potential in waste.

But now, Cyclefi suggests something different. Something really easy, fun and a win-win situation for both nature and those who engage in recycling. In fact, everyone can now start recycling and benefit from a wide range of discounts and gifts from dozens of companies. Domino’s Pizza, Hondos Center, Grigoris and Carglass, Praktiker and Notos Galleries, Parex and so many others have joined the cause so far. And Cyclefi has been powered by Sanitas, a leading company in the Greek market.


Now you can buy the recycling bags of Cyclefi Sanitas in super markets, such as AB Vasilopoulos and activate the 12-digit code at the blue tag available within the packaging. Once you have filled the bag, activate the code using the application (you can download the app easily online). Then, it is time for the reward. Although the true reward is that the Greek public have already boosted awareness in the benefits of recycling.

“Waste will always be part of our lives. So there is no actual reason why we should let them go to waste!” This is the motto of Cyclefi, which has already made a difference. Together with the people who have started recycling, they have already recycled almost 3,500kg of waste and saved 3,000 euros from Cyclefi partners. This is huge and more people join the movement on a daily basis. I know I am…You?

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