Aegean Stream Makes On Board Experience Even More Pleasurable

Entertainment at your fingertips. This is the motto used by Aegean Airlines, so as to promote the new Aegean Stream service launched for international flights to and from Athens International Airport.

Through the AEGEAN App, you now connect to the Internet and enjoy amazing entertainment options, making your flight even more pleasurable. The whole process is simple and setup can be completed within a few minutes. You just download AEGEAN App on your mobile phone or tablet and enable your Wi-Fi. Then, you choose “Aegean Stream” as the preferred network and you launch the app. You select AEGEAN Stream service and here you go! Easy as pie!

As for the content, it is constantly enriched with new options. Up till now, there are over 20 games for you to choose from, such as Sudoku and Bubble Shooter. You can also browse through wonderful music, enjoying fancy playlists for any type of mood. Then, there are newspapers and magazines to check the latest news. And they are available in Greek, English, German, Italian and French! You can also choose to browse through Aegean services and destinations, to fuel your wanderlust. Finally, there is kids’ entertainment with games, books and other cool activities!

Flying has never sounded more enjoyable, right? Congrats, Aegean Airlines!

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